Thu, 06/01/2022 - 11:14 By admin
Birdfood Update: January 2022

The sunflower kernel market has been stable recently after consistent price rises from July 2021 through to November 2021. Sellers are still bullish however, but we don’t expect prices can rise much further before buyers start substituting for cheaper alternatives. Spot demand has been weak over the last couple of months as buyers receive the last of their old crop contracts. Sunflower oil has been in high demand throughout the pandemic which is causing black sunflower seeds to be in short supply.

Availability is becoming increasingly tight for raw whole peanuts, and we expect this to continue throughout 2022. This has seen raw material prices increase steadily throughout 2021. Raw runner peanuts from the US have always been our preferred option for a standard birdfood peanut as the quality is consistent, and that looks set to continue this year. Nicaragua, Brazil, and India have some availability, but volumes are limited. There is little left of the 2021 crop from Argentina, and with freight prices out of South America at an all-time high, we don’t expect to see much new business until new crop starts to arrive in July/August. Argentina have been offering some grade 3 material, but these goods are normally used within manufactured suet products, such as fat balls, and aren’t usually good enough quality to be packed as a straight product.

Mealworm and Calciworm prices have softened recently, mainly due to a lack of demand throughout the Autumn. Ocean freight prices continue to be high from China and with long transit times to the UK, stock can soon become depleted and as is normal with dried insects, should we have a prolonged cold period, sales can increase quickly.

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